Integrated Access Control Solutions

We are proud to incorporate with one of the UK’s leading suppliers of integrated access control system, offering an extensive range of security systems in Kuwait market.
We help you make the most of network potential to:
• Protect people, property and assets.
• Optimize processes.
• Improve business efficiency.
As the driving force in network, we have the resources, expertise and experience to help you security access to achieve your goals. We provide cost-effective and future-proof solution with enduring results. We provide:


Our range of access control units has been developed to provide the widest choice for the system specifier, installer, facilities manager and user with each controller delivering a range of features and benefits with ease of installation, commissioning and operation of prime importance. Flexible, scalable and interchangeable, our controllers can be tailored to meet the precise needs of each individual application. Our product line starts from Standalone Controller to Networkable Multi Door Controller which can be expand its controller by our additional Input/Output Controller boards.
Key Benefits
• Wide range of systems, with options to suit every project requirement.
• Fast and easy to install, commission and operate.
• Industry standard reader interfaces allows controllers to be retro-fitted without the need to change readers or cards.
• Each enclosure features multiple cable entry options.


Our range of high quality access control readers and keypads deliver maximum choice to meet all project requirements. With a range of technologies which can be chosen to exactly match the key design, operational, performance and budgetary objectives.
We provide :
• Proximity Readers.
• Mifare Readers.
• Biometric Readers.
• Infra-Red Readers.
• Magnetic Readers.
• Long Range Readers.
• Energy Saving Switches.
• Desktop Enrolment Readers.

Cards and Fobs

Our range of cards and fobs incorporates technologies to meet all organizational requirements ¬ from 125KHz proximity cards to 13.65MHz smart cards with or without a magnetic strip.
• High quality, genuine cards.
• Standard and custom cards available.
• Range of cards and key fobs.
• Custom printing option available.
We have:
• Proximity Keyfobs.
• Long Range Keyfobs.
• Mifare Smart Cards.
• SOLOgrade Cards.
• HICO Magnetic Stripe Cards.
• Infra-Red Cards.
• Proximity Cards with HICO Magnetic Stripe.
• Proximity Cards.


Our Software is a fully featured access management PC software application, providing cutting-edge technology in a single user-interface and multiuser interface delivering powerful integration capability through a range of software tools. Flexible and scalable, the system is capable of controlling a single door at one site with a small number of users, right up to thousands of doors at multiple sites with thousands of users.
Key Benefits:
Powerful integration capabilities with a range of building management and control systems.
• Third part equipment can be controlled without the need to purchase additional applications.
• Straightforward operation minimizes installation and training time.
• Control and administration may be achieved from multiple PC.
Key Features:
• Fast and easy to install, commission and operate.
• Intuitive Windows-based software.
• Multiple workstation capability.
• Wide range of user-defined control and reporting options.
• Multiple communication methods, including TCP/IP, dial-up and GSM modems.
• Wide range of expansion options, including the control of guard tours, managing site visitors and to forward pre-select events via SMS or email.

Integrated Solutions

Our integrated access control systems provide flexible, scalable and future-proof solutions for a wide range of applications across the public and private sectors.
From time and attendance reporting to cashless vending, HR systems to CCTV control and hotel locking systems to database management, our integrated systems offer users the ability to deliver maximum benefit from each individual system whilst reducing the time, cost and risk of error from maintaining and operating a number of individual, stand-alone systems.


Our comprehensive range of access control system accessories includes a choice of high quality locking products and ancillary items to provide a full ‘one step shop’ to meet the vast majority of access control needs. We provide:
• Electromagnetic Locks.
• Electric Strikes.
• Solenoid Bolts.
• Shear Locks.
• Ancillaries.
• Power Supply Units.
• USB to Serial protocol Converters.

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Government Sector :
• Ministry of Public Works
• Ministry of Defense
• Ministry of Justice
• Kuwait University
• Ministry of Awkaf
• Ministry of Information
• Ministry of Communication
• Kuwait Airways
Consultants :
• Salem Al-Marzouk & Sabah Abi Hanna Consulting Engineers
• KEO International Consultants
• Bonyan Design Consulting Engineers
• Sief Engineering Consultants
• United Engineering and Tech. Consultants
• Project Analysis & Control Systems
• Al-Dabbous Engineering Consultants
• Al-Darwaza Engineering Consultancy
• Dar Al-Kuwait Engineering Consultants
• Raya Al-Janabi Arch. Consultants
• Al-Zamami Consulting Engineers
• Dar Al-Khalij Consulting Engineers
• Pan Arab Consulting Engineers
• Jasem Qabazard Engineering Consulting Office
• Al-Jazira Consultants
• Riad Kahale Architect Consultants
• Soor Engineering Bureau
• Oha Engineering Consultants
• Al-Riyash Co.
• Architectural Kuwaiti Team
• Makhtour Architect Consultants
• Kuwaiti Canadian Consulting Office
• Al-Dowaliah Engineering Consultants
• Kuwait Technical Consulting Office
• Kharafi National Co.
• Al-Hani Construction Co.
• ICG (International Contractors Group).
• Modayan & Sons Electrical Contg. Co.
• A. H. Al-Sagar & Bros.
• Al-Fulaij United Group.
• Al-Ghanim Internatational Ge. Trading & Contg. Co.
• Salem M. Al-Nisf Electrical Co.
• Nafisi Electrical Contracting Co.
• United Gulf Engineering Co.
• Al-Ahlia Electro Mechanical Group.
• Copri Construction Enterprises.
• Kuwaiti Door Contracting & Trading Co.
• Ahmadiya Construction Co.
• M.A. Al-Kharafi Co.
• Al-Khalid Contracting Co.
• Bader Al-Mulla & Bros.
• National Real estate Co.
• Kuwait Control Co.
• Faddan General Trading & Contg. Co.
• Al-Rabiah Lighting Co.
• Abdul Hamid Yousuf Al-Essa Est.
• Al-Enma Real Estate Co.
• Khamis & Al-Aryan Trading & Contg. Co.


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