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Time changes. But the need for precise, synchronized timekeeping systems remains constant. Today we're proud to offer the most reliable and advanced line of IP, wired, and wireless clocks in the world... along with a level of service that is unsurpassed in this or any industry. We invite you to look at our complete product line for Clock System.

Master Clock

Our Master clock comes fully equipped with a crisp LED readout and a backlit two line LCD display. Programming the master clock with up to 800 events is easy with the 2X8 rubber tactile keypad. The maser clock comes standard with SNTP capability for synchronization to any SNTP web site. The clock has two pre-programmed relays that are dedicated for synchronous wired clock systems. The master clock can be purchased with a built-in transmitter for sending out the signal wirelessly to Sapling wireless analog and digital clocks. A GPS can be added as a supplement to the already feature-rich clock for even more accurate timekeeping.

Key Features

• Backlit two line LCD display and LED display with 2X8 rubber keypad.
• Up to 800 events can be programmed.
• Automatic bi-annual daylight savings time (when used as a primary master clock).
• Two pre-programmed relays for correction of synchronous systems such as 59 minute correction, 58 minute correction and National Time or Rauland.
• Optional GPS and/or transmitter option for increase system flexibility.
• Optional web interface for complete control of the master clock from any computer via LAN connection or through a crossover cable.
• Interfaces with many systems such as 59 minute correction, 58 minute correction, National Time or Rauland and Dukane.
• Available in rack mount or wall mount.
• UL, cUL and FCC approved.

Analog clocks

Analog clock is the most flexible analog clock in the field today. It’s fully plug and play functionality makes installation effortless. Boasting a flexible software set, the SAM Series is capable of adhering to a multitude of protocols in the clock field. Among these protocols are 59 and 58 minute correction, National Time/Rauland correction and Sapling’s own 2 wire digital communication (24 volt only) which allows correction of the clock every second, preventing deviation. These clocks are offered in 12” and 16” sizes and can be ordered in 24V, 110V and 220V.

Key Features

• Extremely versatile – Automatic protocol detection allows for use with 2 wire system, as well as most 3 wire systems.
• Simple plug and play installation – No settings required!.
• Automatic polarity detection eliminates connection errors.
• Comes standard with a smooth surface metal case along with a shatterproof, polycarbonate crystal.
• Quick correction for time change (max. 5 minutes).
• Fully compliant – UL, cUL and FCC approved.

Digital Clocks

We offer a perfect digital clock solution for virtually any application where wired digital clocks are utilized. With our extensive selection of sizes from 2.5” or 4” characters to 4 or 6 digit displays, our digital clocks offer exceptional visibility. The clocks will be corrected instantly using 2-wire digital communication or RS485 communication. Offered in 24 volt or 110 volt, it contains many options such as 12 or 24 hour mode, two brightness settings and LED indicators on the circuit board indicating the receipt of a digital signal.

Key Features

• Highlights No waiting for time change – Corrects time instantaneously.
• Eliminate deviation by using 2-wire digital communication or RS485 communication.
• Two programmable settings for brightness.
• Wide variety of sizes from 2.5” or 4” characters to 4 or 6 digit displays.
• 12 or 24 hour format.
• Loss of communication alert.
• Available in red 2.5″ and 4″ displays.
• Fully compliant – UL, cUL listed and FCC approved.

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