Class Room Technology

We are proud to introduce ourselves into educational sector. With one of the world largest professional ICT provider support, We take the opportunity in providing effective, innovative Interactive Classroom Technology and AV solutions that seamlessly integrates with other solutions in classroom, boardroom, lecture theatre, training or presentation area, and empowers teachers, educators and presenters around the world to teach, train, motivate and assess learners more effectively.

Our solution includes below products at effective and affordable prices.

• Interactive Whiteboards.
• Desktop Visualisers.
• Ceiling Visualisers.
• Short Throw Projectors.
• Interactive audience response tools.
• Interactive graphic tablets.
• Touch Screen tablets.
• Single and Multipoint video conference for Class Rooms.

Professional Audio Video Solution


We still stand strong in delivering legendary quality to the commercial audio industry in Kuwait. We are accredited integrators and designers with highly trained installation staff. Our portfolio contains many of the longest-established and most widely-respected brands in pro audio today. We are specialized in all aspect of Audio Video installation, maintenance and service. From the installation of large venue to small rooms, we will assist you with designing, estimating and installation of the system. We cover almost everything that helps you maximizing the performance of your system. We deal with

• Loud Speakers.
• Ceiling & Wall Mount Speakers.
• Manual & Motorized Screens.
• Amplifiers & Pre Amplifiers.
• Congress Conference Systems.
• Wired & Wireless Microphones.
• Processors.
• Recording & Playback Devices.
• Normal / IP Public Address System.
• Multi-Zone Paging System.
• Assistive Hearing.
• Digital Mixer.
• Professional Indoor, outdoor LCD and LED Displays.
• Video Wall Solution.
• Image processors.
• LCD to 3-chip Projectors.

AV Interfacing, Switching and Control

As always we deal with the World Class Manufacture in providing the best in the field of interfacing, switching and control at competitive priorities (quality, price, delivery speed, delivery reliability, flexibility and innovation). You may take a look at some of our products which might help in your projects.

• Control Systems.
• DSP & Processors.
• Fiber Optics.
• Interfaces.
• Signal Processor.
• Streaming Units.
• USD Switchers.
• Video wall processors.
• Switchers.
• Video Signal Processors.
• Matrix Switchers.
• AV Mounting Hardware.
• Power Amplifiers.
• SDI & HD-SDI Converters.
• Distribution Amplifiers.
• Cables & Accessories.

Clock System

Time changes. But the need for precise, synchronized timekeeping systems remains constant. Today we're proud to offer the most reliable and advanced line of IP, wired, and wireless clocks in the world... along with a level of service that is unsurpassed in this or any industry.

• Wireless Clocks
• IP Clocks.
• Wired Clocks.
• Independent Clocks.
• Control Box.
• Repeaters.
• Converters.
• Single / Double Side Analogy Clocks.
• Single / Double Side Digital Clocks.
• Rack / Wall Mount Master Clocks with GPS.

IPTV / Digital Signage Solution


We offer a wide range of affordable IPTV and Digital Signage equipment: IPTV middleware, VoD server, DVB to IP gateway, IP CAS, billing software, signage software with seamless streaming engine etc. All our products can be connected in cluster architecture to form a scalable IPTV solution. We can offer a complete IPTV solution as well as a separate IPTV server. Our solution is capable of streaming Showtime, Al-Jazeera, Pehla, Abu Dhabi channels. We can provide Standard Definition and High Definition encoder for the pay channels which can be received through receiver only. Its one time installation and one time configuration. We can support your projects with below items

• IPTV Middleware.
• DVB to IP Gateways (multicast streamer).
• Video on Demand Server (VoD Server).
• TVoD &Time-Shifted TV Server.
• IPTV Conditional Access System (IP CAS/DRM).
• Billing and Subscriber Management System.
• IPTV Player (PC Client Software).
• High Definition STB’s.
• Android STB's.
• Android base IPTV Solution.
• Professional Indoor/Outdoor Displays for your Digital Signage.
• Fans less HD Media Players.

Analog and IP Based Surveillance System


We help you make the most of network potential to:
• Protect people, property and assets
• Optimize processes.
• Improve business efficiency.
As the driving force in network, we have the resources, expertise and experience to help you use video surveillance to achieve your goals. We provide Cost-effective and Future-proof solution with enduring results. We provide:

• Analog/IP Megapixel Box Cameras.
• Analog/IP Bullet Cameras.
• PTZ Cameras.
• Analog / IP Megapixel Dome Cameras.
• Speed Dome Cameras.
• 16 up to 64 Channel Digital Video Recorder.
• Network Video Recorders support 1, 16, 32, 36, 49, 64 Channels.
• Video Encoders.
• Video Decoders.
• Video Management System.

Integrated Access control Systems


With rapid needs in market with new technology, we have partnered with International Company in providing effective Integrated Access Control Solution at effective cost which also helps the project in opening the ways to integration with third party system. In dealing with Integration Access Control System, we ensure that our system is easy to step up and use which allows them to face today’s needs and future challenges. We provide

• 2 Door - 4 Door Controllers.
• 32-input / 16-ouput Modules.
• Proximity / MIFARE / Biometric Readers.
• Long Range Readers.
• Electric Strikes.
• Single / Double 12-24V Electromagnetic readers.
• Proximity cards & Key Fobs.
• HICO Magnetic Stripe Cards.
• Long Range Key Fobs.
• USB to Serial protocol converters.
• Power Supply units.
• Integration to Time & Attendance System.
• Integration to Guard Tour and Visitor Management.
• Integration to Lift Control.
• Integration to Intrusion System.

Affordable Home Automation & Intercom System


Our ultimate goal of home automation is to achieve a more a more responsive environment and straight forward solution for the family to compliment and match the family's lifestyle. Our solution typically creates a state of operation for your home through the use of several products and/or systems working together to achieve added features and convenience that the individual products or systems could not do alone. We provide:

• 2 & 3 Series Control Systems.
• Lighting Control.
• Mobile Control.
• Thermostats & Sensors.
• Wall Mount, Table top & Wireless Touch Screens.
• Keypads & Remotes.
• Intercom System.



We have 47 years for professional experience in providing TV System to our clients. It is Ihsan Co. history of starting the business as workshop expanding it to contracting company handling Designing, Installation, maintaining. All this year’s we have focused on only customer needs in providing easy and straightforward TV Solution. Please check below for the products we provide, which you might need it.

• Aerials.
• Satellite Dish.
• LND Units.
• DiSEqC Switches.
• Mounting Accessories.
• Headend.
• Amplifier.
• Cables.
• Co-axial Connectors.
• Fiber optic Solution.



Government Sector :
• Ministry of Public Works
• Ministry of Defense
• Ministry of Justice
• Kuwait University
• Ministry of Awkaf
• Ministry of Information
• Ministry of Communication
• Kuwait Airways
Consultants :
• Salem Al-Marzouk & Sabah Abi Hanna Consulting Engineers
• KEO International Consultants
• Bonyan Design Consulting Engineers
• Sief Engineering Consultants
• United Engineering and Tech. Consultants
• Project Analysis & Control Systems
• Al-Dabbous Engineering Consultants
• Al-Darwaza Engineering Consultancy
• Dar Al-Kuwait Engineering Consultants
• Raya Al-Janabi Arch. Consultants
• Al-Zamami Consulting Engineers
• Dar Al-Khalij Consulting Engineers
• Pan Arab Consulting Engineers
• Jasem Qabazard Engineering Consulting Office
• Al-Jazira Consultants
• Riad Kahale Architect Consultants
• Soor Engineering Bureau
• Oha Engineering Consultants
• Al-Riyash Co.
• Architectural Kuwaiti Team
• Makhtour Architect Consultants
• Kuwaiti Canadian Consulting Office
• Al-Dowaliah Engineering Consultants
• Kuwait Technical Consulting Office
• Kharafi National Co.
• Al-Hani Construction Co.
• ICG (International Contractors Group).
• Modayan & Sons Electrical Contg. Co.
• A. H. Al-Sagar & Bros.
• Al-Fulaij United Group.
• Al-Ghanim Internatational Ge. Trading & Contg. Co.
• Salem M. Al-Nisf Electrical Co.
• Nafisi Electrical Contracting Co.
• United Gulf Engineering Co.
• Al-Ahlia Electro Mechanical Group.
• Copri Construction Enterprises.
• Kuwaiti Door Contracting & Trading Co.
• Ahmadiya Construction Co.
• M.A. Al-Kharafi Co.
• Al-Khalid Contracting Co.
• Bader Al-Mulla & Bros.
• National Real estate Co.
• Kuwait Control Co.
• Faddan General Trading & Contg. Co.
• Al-Rabiah Lighting Co.
• Abdul Hamid Yousuf Al-Essa Est.
• Al-Enma Real Estate Co.
• Khamis & Al-Aryan Trading & Contg. Co.


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