Desktop Visualisers

We are proud to introduce a powerful visual presentation and training tool for every presentation in Kuwait Market. Its powerful zoom function allows users to view text documents and 3D objects in detail saving time and money. It has a video capture facility and is fully interoperable with all Interactive Whiteboards as well as being MAC compatible.
A visualiser is a digital ICT presentation and teaching resource that directly connects to a PC and/or interactive whiteboard, projector or LCD screen. It is the most flexible presentation tool in recent times. It can pick-up any kind of material whether it be photographs, books or 3D objects quickly and easily and provides a high resolution output signal for video and data projectors, monitors, interactive whiteboards or video-conferencing systems.
We provide desktop visualisers and portable visualisers. Portable visualisers are especially useful so the view between the presenter and their audience remains uninterrupted. Using our visualiser for presentations offers flexibility and inclusiveness as anything displayed on a visualiser can be viewed in minute detail with no set order and without any advance preparation.
Most visualisers have CMOS or CCD sensors. The CMOS sensor is used predominantly in digital cameras for still images. CCD sensors are better for video and can also be used for stills, allowing more opportunities to use the visualiser for recording in the classroom or for making quality clips to share on your virtual learning environment (VLE) (Intranet), or for video conferencing.
The market leading visualiser range is becoming a must have facility within the communication, presentation and learning environments, with more and more schools, colleges and universities specifying and purchasing them. Our visualisers have a tough design, offer a five year guarantee and are supported by our customer and technical support service, giving you the assurance that purchasing the visualisers is the best solution for your needs.

• Integrates seamlessly with other leading ICT solutions.
• Ideal for peer and self assessment purposes.
• Time effective with less time consumed handing out materials.
• Replace the photocopier and share visual prompts immediately.
• Share students work during a feedback session after work has been marked.
• Encourage inclusiveness/interactivity.
• Assist sight-impaired learners with large visuals.
• Environmentally friendly reducing the need to print on paper.
• Use with an interactive whiteboard to annotate over images, artifacts and live objects.
• Create e-portfolios of evidence of learning.
• Create stop-frame animation sequences.
• Save time and money by eliminating the high cost of creating and distributing print-outs.
• Create and customize teaching items and adapt to the requirements of learners in real time Combine text, pictures and sound in multimedia applications to present electronic books.
• Present demonstrations to the whole class without crowding.
• Improve comprehension and keep behavior disruption minimal.
• Use in a range of different departments and divisions in schools.
• Record quality video clips to share on virtual learning environments or intranet systems.
• Immediately capture information.
• Video demonstrations of activities can be captured to play back to students on an interactive whiteboard and across a network managed learning environment.
• Take snapshots of students work with the image capture option.
• Assist students in taking in and retaining information.
• Aid classroom management/planning, preparation and assessment.
• Easily create slides from multiple data sources and external systems.
• Manage data in a controlled, organized and protected way.

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Ceiling Visualisers

A ceiling-mounted visualiser/camera that captures detailed images for display on a variety of devices. Our Ceiling Visualiser delivers superb image clarity for monitors, plasma screens, video projectors and videoconferencing systems. A wide field of view, laser positioning guide and six zoom settings make it easy to use with different document sizes - from large documents such as blueprints or CAD drawings to an area the size of a postage stamp. Both composite and S-Video connections allow for dual-monitor displays in large rooms. Our Ceiling Visualiser is easy to install with a single Cat5 cable that carries video control and power signals.


Weight4 lbs / 1.81 kg"
Enclosure Size4.5" x 6.5", 11.43cm x 16.51cm
Ceiling Cutout3.5" (8.9cm) Diameter
Wall PlateS-Video, Composite, Power & RS-232
ZoomOptical 25x, Digital 12x (300x total with optical zoom)
Illumination2.5 Lux
Head6 degrees of movement
White BalanceAuto
Backlight Compensation Auto
White BalanceAuto
Image TypeSuper HAD CCD
Resolution480 Lines
Output SignalComposite, S-Video
Warranty3 years

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